Le Livre Maintenant

Beyond the mountains are more mountains. ~Haitian proverb

I started this book (again) sitting in Tony's Coffee Shop in Fairhaven on March 19, 2015. If I can't get it together to publish it, then at least it will be here. Let it be known the writer in me walked into a lake with rocks in her pocket, and the fedwiki resurrected her. Perhaps all she needed was a room of her own.

I'm thinking of how the fedwiki can work for both a novelist and a teacher. I'm no longer a teacher per se, and I'm certainly not a novelist. But this is my book for now. For later. For me.

"In the mountains, there you feel free." T.S. Eliot

The first day of spring 2015

Notes for the entire book now in pages. Finding ways to create links for additional pages that may end up as shorter articles.

The fedwiki could create a choose your own adventure novel that I've always wanted to write. Maybe baby, I'll have you. Maybe baby.